A95X Plus and A95X Max System Update

Yes, you should do the system update that your AP95X Plus or A95X Max tv box is asking for. This is an update the manufacturers have put out specifically for the tv box’s software. It is not related to any of Home Arcade In A Box’s programming.

This is most easily done with a mini keyboard using the touchpad mouse found at the top center. If you don’t have a mini keyboard, you can use the remote that came with the tv box. When I tested it and tried to arrow right to Update, nothing happened. I had to press the left directional arrow to highlight Update.

Click Update.

Click inside the circle that says Download.

Click inside the circle that says Click Update.

The tv box will restart itself when the update is done. You’ll then see a message saying that the update was a success. Click OK to clear the message and you’re done!