First: Clear the Data and Cache in Chrome

1. Start on the main opening screen of your tv box.

2. Scroll to Settings and click it.
On some boxes, you may need to click Advanced or Other or More Settings.
Some boxes may have a picture of a gear or screwdriver instead of the word Settings.

3. Go to Apps. Scroll to Chrome.
On some tv boxes, Chrome can be found under System Apps.

(If you have a box that hasn’t been updated in several years, it may not have Chrome. In this case, move to the Install/Update Chrome instructions below.)

4. Click Chrome.

5. Scroll down to Clear Cache and click it.

6. OK any permissions.

7. Repeat for Clear Data. Click Clear All Data if prompted and OK any permissions.

8. Next scroll to Permissions and click it.

9. Scroll to Storage and click to toggle it on.

10. Exit back to the main screen.

Second: Install/Update Chrome

There are two ways you can install or update Chrome on your tv box. You can use the Google Play Store or you can download Chrome from the internet. The V10 and some other tv boxes have an older version of the Play Store that will give an error when you search for Chrome. If you have a V10 or otherwise can’t get a Chrome update or download from the Play Store, use the “Download Chrome from the Internet” instructions at the bottom of this page to update/install Chrome.

Play Store Download/Update Instructions

On some tv boxes, the Play Store is on the main start screen. On others, it can be found under Apps.

Look for the Play Store icon. It looks like this,

Click the Play Store icon.

If you aren’t already signed in, follow the prompts to sign in. If you don’t have a Gmail address, you can sign up for one or use an existing email address you have. This link tells you how to do either,

On some tv boxes, the Play Store opens with a search bar at the top of the page that says, Google Play Store. Do not type Chrome here. This is only for searching for content (not apps) on the Play Store and will not bring up the Chrome app you are looking for.

What you need to do is click the category “Apps” found near the top of the page. That will bring up the Apps category. On some Play Store versions, you have to click the magnifying glass to make the search bar appear. On other versions, it’s automatically there with the magnifying glass at the end of the bar. And on other versions, you can just type into the search bar. Photos showing the various versions of the Play Store and where to click are below.

Type Chrome into the search bar.

Click on the first Chrome icon pictured (Google Chrome: Fast & Secure).

Click Install or Update.

Click Accept. The download will begin.

When it’s done installing/updating, click Open. Now you can use Chrome.

The first time you open Chrome, you may have to go through some permissions. Click Accept & Continue to any permissions.

First Version of the Play Store

In this version, click Apps found along the side, then type Chrome into the white bar that says Search for apps & games.

Second Version of the Play Store

In this version of the Play Store, click Apps & Games first, then type Chrome into the white bar that says Google Play.

Third Version of the Play Store

In this version, click Apps. Then click the magnifying glass as shown in the photo below. That will bring up a search bar where you can type Chrome.

Third Version of the Play Store

Download Chrome from the Internet Instructions

Follow this video to learn how to update or install Chrome by downloading the apk from the internet.

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