Factory Reset Intro

If your tv box is more than a year old, it’s a good idea to give it a factory reset before updating to clear everything and start with a clean slate.

If you choose not to factory reset and find that the new apps you’ve installed won’t open or are giving error messages, you’ll need to factory reset your tv box and program it again fresh. To save having to update your tv box twice, we recommend you do the reset to begin with if your tv box is more than a year old. Click here for instructions to factory reset your tv box.

As always, if you prefer not to do the reset/re-load yourself, we are happy to do it for you. Contact us to set up a time to drop off ($10) or book a remote update ($40). If you choose to have us remotely update your tv box, it would be best for you to do the reset (super easy) then contact us to have your tv box reloaded.