Free option 1:

You can use the app Live Net TV. Under Sports they have a variety of TSN feeds. This app has ads. Generally, an X will appear in the top right corner, click it to close the ad. Sometimes the X won’t work, in which case I exit the app and re-open it. If you don’t have this app on your tv box, you can install it using these instructions.

Free option 2:

You can stream the game from the website, To use this website, first install Firefox from the Play Store. 

After signing into the Play Store, make sure to turn off auto-updates so the Play doesn’t update Kodi to version 19. Kodi 19 isn’t compatible with a lot of the add-ons in our programming. This video shows you how to turn off auto-updates,

Once you’ve installed Firefox, open it and type into the address bar. Note that this website doesn’t appear to work with Chrome, so you need to install Firefox browser. This video gives a quick run-through of how to use, which is basically the same website as

Paid option 1:

Other options include paid apps, like the NFL app or the Dazn app from the Play Store.