Full Update After A Factory Reset

Read these instructions on your phone, tablet or computer and do the actions on your tv box.

First: Install/Update Chrome

On some tv boxes, the Play Store is on the main start screen. On others, it can be found under Apps.

Look for the Play Store icon. It looks like this,

Click the Play Store icon.

Follow the prompts to sign in. If you don’t have a Gmail address, you can sign up for one or use an existing email address you have. This link tells you how to do either, https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/27441

On some tv boxes, the Play Store opens with a search bar at the top of the page that says, Google Play Store. Do not type Chrome here. This is only for searching for content (not apps) on the Play Store and will not bring up the Chrome app you are looking for.

What you need to do is click the category “Apps” found near the top of the page. That will bring up the Apps category. On some Play Store versions, you have to click the magnifying glass to make the search bar appear. On other versions, it’s automatically there with the magnifying glass at the end of the bar. And on other versions, you can just type into the search bar. Photos showing the various versions of the Play Store and where to click are below.

Type in Chrome into the search bar.

Click on the first Chrome icon pictured (Google Chrome: Fast & Secure).

Click Install or Update.

Click Accept. The download will begin.

When it’s done installing, click Open. Now you can use Chrome.

The first time you open Chrome, you may have to go through some permissions. Click Accept & Continue to any permissions.

First Version of the Play Store

In this version, click Apps found along the side, then type Chrome into the white bar that says Search for apps & games.

Second Version of the Play Store

In this version of the Play Store, click Apps & Games first, then type Chrome into the white bar that says Google Play.

Third Version of the Play Store

In this version, click Apps. Then click the magnifying glass as shown in the photo below. That will bring up a search bar where you can type Chrome.

Third Version of the Play Store

Second: Turn Off Auto-Updates/Sign Out of The Play Store

Now that you have installed/updated Chrome, you’ll need to either turn off auto-updates or better yet, sign out of the Play Store.

Auto-updates must be turned off so that Kodi does not auto-update to version 19. Kodi 19 is not compatible with several of the most popular Kodi add-ons in our programming.

At this time there is no compelling reason to use Kodi 19. If that changes, we’ll post an announcement on our website under Customer Info.

Click here to see how to turn off auto-updates in the Play Store.

Third: Uninstall Old Apps

1. Start on the main screen of your tv box.
Scroll to Settings.
On some boxes, you may need to then go to Advanced or Other or More Settings.
Some boxes may have a picture of a gear or screwdriver instead of the word Settings.

2. Scroll to Apps. Click it.

Look for Kodi. Some tv boxes come with an old version of Kodi factory installed. If you see Kodi in the apps list, you need to uninstall it.

3. Scroll to Kodi.
Click it.
Scroll to Uninstall and click it.
Some boxes require clicking OK and OK.

Click Escape or the back button to return to the main opening screen. 

Fourth: Download New Apps

1. On your tv box, open Chrome. DO NOT USE BROWSER.
Chrome will either be on the main screen of your tv box or under Apps/My Apps.

2.  In Chrome, type in homearcadeinabox.com.
Go to the Login tab found on the top menu bar.
Login using the username and password you chose when you registered.

3. Go to the drop-down under Download Pages called “Download Page A”.
*If you can’t access Download Page A, click here to email us or text 780-887-8978 to let us know and we’ll update your settings.

5. Scroll down and click on Bee TV Download.

NOTE: If you see the message “Chrome needs storage access to download files”, follow these steps:
-Click Update Permissions or Continue
-Click Allow (if your tv box doesn’t show Allow but instead opens a new screen like the one shown here, click this link)
-You may need to close the internet browser window to update the permission
-If you closed the browser window, open it again, type in homearcadeinabox.com and click on Download Page A
-Repeat Step 4

6. You may be prompted to click on Download. If so, do.
Allow any permissions, some boxes ask, some don’t.

7. Click Cinema HD V2 Download.
Allow permissions if asked.

8. Click Tea TV Download.
Allow permissions if asked.

9. Click VLC Player Download.
Allow permissions if asked.

10. Click Kodi Download.
Allow permissions if asked.

11. Click Home Arcade Wizard Download.
Allow permissions if asked.

Downloading done!

Fifth: Install New Apps

1. Press the home key to get back to the main screen.

2. Click Apps/My Apps.

3. Most tv boxes have App Installer. If yours does, click on App Installer.
If your tv box says APK Installer, click it and then click
here for instructions specific to your box.
No App/APK Installer? Click on File Browser/File Explorer.

4. Click on Local Disk.
Using App Installer? You should see your files there. (Home Arcade Wizard may not appear here, that’s normal)
If you do, continue to Step 5.
If you don’t continue to 4) a.
Using File Browser/File Explorer? Continue to 4) c.

4) a. Exit App Installer and scroll to File Browser
4) b. Click on Local Disk
4) c. Scroll to and click on Download
*If you don’t see the downloaded files and you didn’t update your version of Chrome as per the first instruction, update Chrome. Older versions of Chrome don’t allow downloads from our website.
If you did update Chrome to the latest version, you may need to give your downloads more time to come in. Watch for the message to say the download has started. After giving the downloads more time to come in, return to Step 1 of this section.

5. Click on Bee TV. Click Install.
When it’s done, click Open. Allow permissions if asked.
Click the Escape or back button.

6. Click on Cinema HD V2. Click Install.
When it’s done, click Open. Allow permissions if asked.

Click the Escape or back button.

7. Click on Tea TV. Click Install.
When it’s done, click Open.

Allow permissions if asked.
Click the Escape or back button.

8. Click on VLC Player. Click Install.
Click Open when it’s finished.
Allow permissions.
Click the Escape or back button.

9. Click Kodi. Click Install.
When it’s done installing, click Done.

Now you can exit back out to the main screen. Click the Escape or back button several times to return to the main screen.

Finally: Install Kodi

1. Scroll over to Kodi. If you don’t see it on the main screen, click Apps/My Apps. It’s in there.

If your tv box has a “+” on the main screen, you can add shortcuts to any apps you want on your main screen. To add apps to the shortcuts, click the “+” then click the app you want to add, such as Kodi. See the checkmark that’s appeared? That indicates you have selected that app.
If you want to remove an app, click its icon to remove the checkmark. When you’re done, click Escape or back and the added apps will now appear in the shortcut menu. 

Now to set up the Kodi build.

2. Click Kodi. Allow the permissions.
Kodi may close, click the Kodi icon to open it again.
If you have an N5 Max X3 or Zoomtak brand tv box, read the special notes below otherwise continue to step 3.


N5Max X3 tv boxes have a hidden Kodi factory installed. You will need to clear the contents of this Kodi before you can install the Home Arcade menu.

  • Click escape or back to get back to the main screen of your tv box and go to Settings and click it.
  • Scroll to Apps and click it. You should see Kodi there.
  • Click Kodi.
  • Scroll to Clear Data and click it.
  • Click OK. Wait a moment for it to clear.
  • Under Clear Data, it should now say, 16.__ KB. If it doesn’t, clear the data again.
  • If it does, go back to the main screen again, click Kodi to open it and proceed with the instructions.


On Zoomtak tv boxes, Kodi may get stuck on a black/grey screen. If this happens, follow the instructions below:

  • Exit back out to the main screen of your tv box.
  • Click Apps
  • Click Settings
  • Scroll to Apps and click it
  • Scroll to Kodi and click it
  • Scroll down to Permissions
  • Scroll to Storage. Toggle the switch next to it to on. If it’s already on, toggle it to off then on again.
  • Exit back to the main screen and click on Kodi
  • Proceed to Step 3

3. Click the gear wheel found in the top left-hand corner.

4. Click System found on the bottom right-hand side.

5. Scroll down to Add-ons. Arrow over to Show notifications. Click OK to turn the toggle to on.

6. Arrow down to Unknown Sources. Click OK to turn the toggle to on.

7. Choose Yes for the pop-up window.

8. Press Escape or back twice.

9. Scroll down to Add-ons. Click it.

10. Arrow up to the open box icon on the top left. Click OK.

11. Scroll down to Install from Zip File. Click OK.

12. Scroll down to External Storage. Click OK.

13. Scroll down to Download. Click OK.

14. Scroll down to plugin.program.homearcadewizard.zip. Click OK.

15. Wait a few moments and a pop-up menu will appear.

16. Scroll to Keep My Trakt and click OK to fill in the circle.

17. Scroll to Keep My Real Debrid and click OK to fill in the circle.

18. Scroll to Keep My Favourites and click OK to fill in the circle.

19. Scroll to Continue and click it. 

20. A pop-up will appear. Click Build Menu.

21. Scroll to Home Arcade In A Box: Fresh Install. Click it.

22. Click Continue.

23. When the update wizard is done, click Force Close.

If the update gets stuck on a screen like this blue one, follow the steps in this video to get it going again.

*If after following the video linked above, you find you don’t have the Home Arcade Wizard or the Wizard is failing, click here.*

24. The first time you open Kodi, wait a minute to allow it to build its skin shortcuts menu.

25. Having up-to-date programming is important but the best thing you can do for better streaming is to sign up for Real Debrid. Real Debrid makes streaming much faster and simpler. Click here to learn more.

If you already have a Real Debrid subscription, you’ll need to sync it with the updated apps and Kodi add-ons. Click here for a video tutorial or here for written instructions.

Unless you have a VPN (you’ll know if you do) or an active Real Debrid subscription on your tv box, do not choose a link that says “Torrent”. These are file-sharing links that play really well but will get a warning letter from your internet provider. Typically these links are found in the Kodi add-ons but may be in the Android Apps as well.


Did you know you can use the Android Apps ( Bee TV, Cinema HD V2, Tea TV) without opening Kodi? You can! Click here to learn how

Quick tip: When watching a tv show, don’t click Watch Now or Play, instead click Choose Season and go from there.

If it’s been a while since you’ve used your tv box and you’d like a walkthrough of the programming, click here.