How Do I Update Netflix?

If you already have Netflix installed on your tv box, you need to uninstall it before you install the new version. You will get an error if you try to install a new version of Netflix over an old version.
If you don’t have Netflix on your tv box, you can skip to part 2.

Part 1: Uninstall Netflix

  1. Go to Settings. (Instead of the word Settings some boxes have a picture of a gear or screwdriver.)
    (Some tv boxes also require clicking on More Settings and/or Advanced.)
  2. Scroll to Apps. Click it. (Some boxes require clicking See All Apps.)
  3. Scroll to Netflix. Click it. (On some boxes, Netflix is found under System Apps.)
  4. Click Uninstall. If prompted, click OK.
  5. Click the Home, back or escape button on your remote or keyboard to get back to the main screen.

Part 2: Install the New Version of Netflix

  1. Open Chrome on your tv box and type in
  2. If you don’t have Chrome on your tv box, get it here. Don’t use Browser, it won’t let you access the files you need. Also, if the download isn’t coming in, you need to update your version of Chrome, click here for instructions.
  3. Log in and go to Download Page B.
  4. Scroll down to Netflix Download- Click Here
  5. Click it.
  6. Allow any permissions.
    If you see the message “Chrome needs storage access to download files”, follow these steps:
    a) Click Update Permissions or Continue
    b) Click Allow (if your tv box doesn’t show Allow but instead opens a new screen like the one shown here, click this link)
    c) Close the internet browser window, this updates the permission
    d) Open the internet browser window again, if needed, type in and click on Download Page B
    e) Repeat Step 4
  7. Give the download a minute to come in, then press the Home button on your remote or keyboard to return to the main screen.
  8. Go to Apps. Click it.
  9. Go to App Installer. Click it. Don’t have App Installer? Go to step 10 a).
  10. Click Local Disk.
  11. If the Netflix download has come in, you will see it there.
    Don’t see it there? Escape back out to Apps.
    a) Find File Browser and click it. Check to see if any of the boxes at the top of the screen are highlighted yellow. If any are, click them to turn them off.
    b) Click Local Disk.
    c) Scroll to Download and click it.
  12. Click on Netflix.
  13. Click Install (may need to click Next first).
  14. If you get an error at this point, it means you have an old version of Netflix on your tv box. That needs to be uninstalled before a new version can be installed. Go back to Part 1.
  15. When it’s done, click Done.
  16. Escape back to Apps.

And you’re finished! You can find Netflix under Apps. The first time you open Netflix, you may see a message that says, New version of application is found. Do you want to update? Click Cancel. You may also see a message like the one below. Ignore that and sign in anyway. Netflix doesn’t really want you to use their app on a tv box so the app is not optimized for a tv box and only certain versions of their app will work on your tv box. If you try to update as per their instructions, you’ll get a message saying you can’t update Netflix as it’s not compatible with your device.

If you want to add Netflix to your main screen and your tv box has a + symbol, click the + symbol and look through the icons that appear. Click Netflix and it will be added to your main screen.