How to Choose a Good Stream

Typically when choosing a show to play, a person will choose the top link and work their way down until they get a good link to play. If that first link doesn’t play well, here are some things to be aware of when choosing a different link to play.

Foreign Language Dubbed Shows

Since streams may be recorded anywhere in the world, there are some with foreign language dubbing. Foreign dubbed links in Bee TV, Cinema HD, FilmPlus and Tea TV are usually labelled Movie4K, SeriesGa, GuardSeries, Mcdn, [DE], [ES] or Xci, Xcif, Xcine, and there may be others. Don’t choose links with these names.

First: Be Aware of File Sizes

Some of the links in the streaming apps are labelled with a file size. Some aren’t so it’s good to know that a 4K file is going to be 4 times the size of a 1080 file and a 780p file will be smaller than a 1080p file. The more info that needs to flow to your tv box to display the show you want to watch, the more chance of buffering.

Choose a smaller file – If there is a link that says [2 GB] and others that say [500 MB], [400 MB], [350 MB], [250 MB], you can see that the [2 GB] file size is much bigger than the majority and the [2GB] in this case is not going to be a good choice for streaming.

The following numbers apply to non-Real Debrid links. Real Debrid links will be larger than non-Real Debrid links. If you have Real Debrid, you still need to watch the file size. I’ve seen Real Debrid links that were 63 MB. That’s a ridiculously big file!

1 GB is equal to 1000 MB, GB files are much bigger than MB files.
A typical movie will be 1.5 GB, a one-hour tv show should be 400-500 MB and a half-hour tv show about 200 MB.

Also: Watch File Names

If a link doesn’t work for you or doesn’t play well, try the next one down. Be aware that the same link may be repeated several times in a row so look at the name of the link to make sure you’re not choosing the same link again. You can see in this photo that the top three links are all from the same source but have different file sizes. If the first link didn’t play well, don’t choose another link from the same source.

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