How to Clear Chrome

1. Start on the main opening screen of your tv box.

2. Scroll to Settings and click it.
On some boxes, you may need to click Advanced or Other or More Settings.
Some boxes may have a picture of a gear or screwdriver instead of the word Settings.

3. Go to Apps. Scroll to Chrome.
On some tv boxes, Chrome can be found under System Apps.

(If you have a box that hasn’t been updated in a few years, you may not have Chrome or you may have an old version of Chrome on your tv box. You can use these instructions to install/update it. DO NOT USE BROWSER, use Chrome.)

4. Click Chrome.

5. Scroll down to Clear Cache and click it.

6. OK any permissions.

7. Repeat for Clear Data. Click Clear All Data if prompted and OK any permissions.

8. Next scroll to Permissions and click it.

9. Scroll to Storage and click to toggle it on.

10. Exit back to the main screen.

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