How to Clear the Download Folder

Start on the main screen of your tv box (not in Kodi).

Click Apps/My Apps. Apps isn’t labelled on some tv boxes, click here to see what different apps icons look like.

Look for File Browser, File Commander or File Explorer. The apps on some tv boxes are in alphabetical order, on others they aren’t.

Use the instructions below for the one on your tv box:

File Browser

Click File Browser
Click Local Disk
Click the Selection Tool shown circled in red below. Clicking on it will make this button yellow.

Selection Tool circled in red

Action Tool circled in blue

*Note: if your File Browser does not have the action tool (circled in blue), you need to install and use File Commander. See File Commander instructions below.

Click Download. You’ll see a green checkmark appear on the right side of the screen. That indicates you’ve selected this folder.
Click the Selection Tool a second time to turn it off. The yellow should disappear.
Click the Action Tool shown circled in blue above.
A menu will appear, click Delete.
The download folder should now be gone.
Exit back to the main screen and continue with the updating instructions.

File Commander

Need to install File Commander? Click here for instructions

Already have File Commander? Click here for instructions to clear the Download folder

File Explorer

Click on File Explorer.
Click on Internal Flash.
Scroll to Download.
Press and hold OK on your mini keyboard or remote control. A drop-down menu will appear. Scroll to Delete and click OK.
Press back or Escape to exit back to the main screen.