How To Factory Reset a TV Box

Your tv box’s interface may vary slightly from the one these directions were written for but the basic idea is the same.

1. On the main screen of your tv box, go to Settings and click it.

2. Scroll over to Storage and Reset, click it.

3. Go to Factory Data Reset. Click it.

4. Again, click Factory Data Reset.

5. Click Erase Everything.

6. The tv box will start its reset process.

7. Now you’ve wiped it clean and will need to set it up again.

8. To set up wifi and screen scale, use the directional arrows to move to Settings. Click OK.
*Note: If you are using a hard wired ethernet connection, skip the wifi set up steps.

9. Click OK on Network.

10. Click on Wi-Fi. If the wifi is switched off, click “Wi-Fi Device Off”. Click “On”. Give it a minute to come on and scan for your network. If the wifi is already on, you’ll see your network.

11. Click on your home network’s name.

12. Enter your wifi password. Note that you need to click the blue circle with the arrow when done entering your password. If you click Enter or OK, the on-screen keyboard will add a Q to your password.

13. Your tv box should now connect to your home network. Verify it is connected and that you have good speed with the next step. You need a consistent minimum download speed of 15 Mbps for good streaming.

14. Exit back out to the main screen. Go to Browser or Chrome. Click it.

15. Type in That website will run a speed test and display your download speed. If you get a number in Mbps, you’re good! If you can’t load a website, you’re not connected to the internet. Troubleshoot and try again.

16. Now you need to set your screen position. Exit back to the main screen and go into Settings again.

17. Click on Display.

18. Click on Screen Position.

19. Click Zoom out screen to 80% (“current scaling is %” appears under Screen Position). On some tv boxes, you will see a faint black border or white border around the screen.

20. Click Zoom in screen until the border is gone.

21. Pres Esc or the back button to get back to the settings menu. Now to set the time, on some tv boxes, date and time is found by clicking Device Preferences or it may be displayed directly in the Settings menu. Arrow to date and time and click it then choose the appropriate time zone for your location.

22. Press Esc or the back button on the remote until you exit back out to the main screen again.

IMPORTANT: Give your reset tv box a good 15 minutes to allow it to download the factory apps it came with. It may have come with an older version of Kodi for example. If you don’t wait for it to load and then uninstall it, you will have problems when you try to load the newest version of Kodi.

23. Click here for instructions to reprogram your tv box.

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