How to Shortcut Android Apps

Viva TV, Bee TV and Cinema HD V2 are stand-alone apps that do not require Kodi to run. We’ve included them in our Kodi menu but they can also be used on their own. 

If your tv box has a + symbol on the main screen, it has a shortcut area.

Click the + and a menu of apps will appear.

Click whichever apps you want to appear on your shortcut bar and then click back/escape to exit out.

The apps you have chosen will now appear on your main screen for easy access.

If your tv box does not have a + symbol, you can still access any of the Android Apps without first opening Kodi by going into Apps on the main screen of your tv box. There you will see all of your apps, click the app’s icon to open Viva TV, Bee TV and Cinema HD V2 directly.