How to turn on Developer Options – Firestick

To turn on Developer Options,

  • go to Settings (gear wheel icon on the right side of the screen).
  • Arrow down to My Fire TV and click it. If you see Developer Options under About, click it.

If you don’t see Developer Options, you’ll need to turn it on. Click About then click Firestick TV and click the Okay button on your remote 7 times. You’ll see a message pop up near the bottom of the screen that will say, No need, you are already a developer. Click back to the previous screen and click on Developer Options.

  • If ADB Debugging is OFF, click to turn it ON.
  • If Apps from Unknown Sources is OFF, click to turn it ON. Some Firesticks won’t allow you to click to turn it on at this point, that’s okay, you can do that when prompted when installing apps. Exit back to the main screen.
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