How to Update the Kodi Menu

Open Kodi.

Watch for the temperature to appear beside the date in the bottom right.

After the temperature has come up, scroll left to Update Kodi. Click Update Kodi.

Click Home Arcade Build Version 1.1. If your Firestick says Home Arcade Build Version 1.0, you’ll need to update the wizard, click here to learn how.

The update will start to come in. It may seem to get hung up when it gets to the part that says, “Extracting Files” but it’s not. It’s just finishing up.

When the pop-up that says, “Installation Complete. Click OK to force Close the App. Then restart the App.” appears, click OK.

Done! You can reopen Kodi and it’ll have the latest Kodi menu.

When Kodi first opens, give it a minute to do it starting processes. When the temperature appears next to the date, you can start moving around the menu and opening programs.

If you have a Real Debrid subscription, you’ll need to link it to the new Kodi menu. Here’s how to do that,

Sign into your Real Debrid account

If you aren’t already using your phone/tablet, go get it. You can use your computer if it’s in the same room as your tv box/Firestick.

Open an internet browser window on your phone or tablet or computer.

Type in and log in if you’re not already logged in.

After logging in, add /device so the address in your web browser says, You’ll see a screen like the one below. Now go to your tv box or Firestick.

Connect Real Debrid to Kodi

Real Debrid only uses the letter O, never the number 0. If a box asking you to “name” the location may pops up, ignore it.

Make sure to complete the last step shown in this video which is arrowing to the right to click OK. That saves your Real Debrid info.

This video shows you how to connect Real Debrid with Kodi using Real Debrid-Seren.

Follow these steps to link Real Debrid with Magic Dragon,

Assuming you have Kodi open already, arrow to Magic Dragon and click it.

  • Scroll down to Settings and click it. A pop up menu will appear.
  • Scroll to Debrid. Arrow to Re-auth Real Debrid and click it.
  • A new pop up window will appear. Enter the code shown on your phone/tablet. You may have to do this twice. After entering the code for the first time and clicking Continue, a new code may appear. Enter that code and click Continue again.
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