Live Net TV

1. To install the new app Live Net TV, open Chrome on your tv box.

2. Type in and log in.

3. Go to Download Page B under Download Pages.

4. Scroll to Live Net TV Download – Click Here and click to download it.
Allow permissions.

5. Click the Home button on your mini keyboard or remote to return to the main screen.

6. Go to Apps/My Apps. Click it. (on some tv boxes the Apps icon isn’t labelled, see here for unlabeled Apps icon pictures)

7. Most tv boxes have App Installer. If yours does, click on App Installer.
If your tv box says APK Installer, click it and then click here for instructions specific to your box.
No App/APK Installer? Click on File Browser/File Explorer/File Manager.

8. Click on Local Disk.
Using App Installer? You should see your files there.
If you do, continue to Step 9.
If you don’t continue to step 8) a.
Using File Browser/File Explorer/File Manager? Continue to 8) c.

8) a. Exit App Installer and scroll to File Browser
8) b. Click on Local Disk
8) c. Scroll to and click on Download
*If you don’t see the downloaded files, update Chrome. Older versions of Chrome don’t allow downloads from our website.
*If you did update Chrome, clear Chrome’s data and download again.
Go to Settings, then Apps and scroll to Chrome. On some tv boxes, Chrome may be under System Apps.
Click Chrome.
Scroll to Clear Cache and click it. Click Ok.
Scroll to Clear Data and click it. Click Clear All Data and Ok if prompted.
Now go back to Download New Apps above and repeat downloading the apps.

9. Click on Live Net TV.
Click Install.
You may get a message from the Play Store saying “Play Protect has blocked this app. This app can collect data that could be used to track you.” If you install the app, you’ll see a message from Live Net TV that they keep this app free by showing targeted ads and that no personally identifiable information is collected. If you want to use this app, click Install Anyway.
Click Open when it’s finished.
Click Continue.
When asked if you want to Allow Live NetTV to access this device’s location, I chose Deny and the app still worked. In the future, this may change but for now, choose Deny.

After the app loads, you can adjust the settings to your preferences.

Click the three lines in the top left corner.

Scroll to Settings and click it.
Here you can choose to Hide Countries you don’t want to see in the menu bar, you can turn off notifications under Receive Notifications and you can set your Video Player to VLC Player. If you haven’t already installed VLC Player, you’ll need to download and install it from Download Page B.

There are ads on this app. At the bottom of Settings is an option to remove the ads. I’m not sure about this option but you can choose to use it if you want. Most times, the ad can be cleared after a few seconds by clicking the X in the top right or top left of the screen. Sometimes that doesn’t work in which case you can exit the app and go back in again.

Not all of the links work but the ones under Canada seem to be good. Sports seems very hit and miss. NHL doesn’t appear to be working. If you’re looking for hockey, a great place to get the game is in Kodi under Sports, Hockey & More. You may need to update to the latest Kodi menu to get the latest version of the hockey add-on. To do this, open Kodi and scroll left to Update Kodi. Click it. Click Continue when it appears. Click Force Close when the update is done. Occasionally the update will time out leaving a blue screen with white words. If that happens, follow the steps in this video to get the update going again.