My TV Box Doesn’t Work Anymore

My tv box stopped working.

This is something we hear regularly. Unfortunately, a lot of people who bought a tv box in the past don’t understand how no-cost streaming works and think their tv box is broken or defective because it’s not streaming shows anymore. The good news is that’s rarely the case and very often all that’s required is a programming update on their tv box.

There are basically two kinds of streaming:

  • no-cost streaming using Kodi add-ons and android apps,
  • and pay-to-use streaming services like Netflix.

Devices like the Amazon Firestick, Apple TV and Roku are all devices that come loaded with and are used with paid subscription services like Netflix. Streaming services you pay for offer a very consistent experience because that’s what you’re paying for.

Because no-cost apps and add-ons cost nothing to use and are volunteer run, they won’t be maintained the same as pay-to-use apps are. That means occasionally having to update the programming on your tv box. This is a normal and necessary part of no-cost streaming.

Updating the programming on a tv box is pretty simple and takes 30-45 minutes to do. Most people update their devices once every 6 months to a year. If you’d like more info on up-to-date programming for your tv box, contact us!

Another thing lots of people don’t know, both android tv boxes and Amazon Firesticks are open source devices and can be used with both paid streaming services and no-cost streaming services.

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