No Data

No Data and No Stream Available on Everything

If you’re seeing No Data and No Stream Available on everything you click on, your tv box is likely not connected to the internet.

The first thing to do is test the tv box’s internet connection. Do this on your tv box, not your phone or tablet or computer, the tv box is what we’re testing.
Open Chrome or Browser (found in Apps) and type in

If you see a number, you have a connection. No number? Not connected.

If your speed is showing a number in Kbps, not Mbps, you have a very slow internet connection and will have problems streaming. You should consider signing up for a streaming enhancement service that gives you faster links, click here for more on Real Debrid.

No Data Message – Android Apps


1. Sometimes Android Apps glitch and say No Data.
Exit out and go back in.

2. It could also be that there is a glitch in that category, so try changing categories. The category menu is at the top left side of the screen beside the three lines, it may say Trending or Most Popular, etc. Click on the category and choose a different one from the drop-down menu.

3. Still says No Data?
Test your internet connection as above.

4.Have a good internet connection and still see No Data?
Time to update. From time to time, apps go down as their developers stop running them, or they may have a glitch for which a new update is released.

Here are your options for updating:

We Update – $10 per tv box
Contact us to set up a time to drop off your tv box.

You Update – No cost for any device previously programmed or purchased from Home Arcade In A Box.
Use the step by step instructions on this page under Customer Help to update your tv box.
Read the update instructions on your phone, tablet or computer. Do the update steps on your tv box.

Remote Access Update – $40 per 30 minutes
If you have a fast internet connection, we can remotely log in to your tv box to update.
Remote support instructions:

No Stream Available Message – Kodi Add-ons

First, test your internet connection as above.

Have a good internet connection and still see No Stream Available?
Time for an update, see Customer Help for complete instructions on how to install the latest.

Did the update and still see No Stream Available?
You’ll have to choose a different add-on to use. Some developers take their time in releasing an update, we keep those add-ons on our build because based on the past, they will be providing an update, it just hasn’t happened yet.