Android TV Box Update Programming


If you’ve purchased your tv box elsewhere and are having trouble getting shows to play or bought a new tv box that has no programming on it, bring it to us and we’ll load your tv box with the best, always current streaming programming!

Streaming sources change regularly. When one goes down, you have to search for another to use. It can get tiring trying to find the best new source for streaming. You need a company that stays on top of changes and always has the latest streaming sources available for you.

That’s Home Arcade In A Box! Our well-maintained programming is always current and uses the best apps and add-ons. And when you have your tv box programmed by Home Arcade In A Box, life of the box updates are included! Never worry about where your next update will come from again!

Android version 4.4 tv boxes cannot run the latest programming and are due to be replaced. Don’t know what android version your tv box is running? Click here to find out.

Most updates take about 45 minutes to do. You can bring your tv box to us for programming, or if you have a fast upload internet speed, we can connect to your tv box remotely and program it.

Important Info Regarding Remote Programming

Remote programming requires your tv box to have a minimum upload and download internet speed. 

Click here to learn what the minimum speed requirements are and the steps you’ll need to complete before contacting us to set up a remote programming appointment.  Once you have successfully completed all steps, contact us to set up a time and pay.

Note: Nvidia Shield, X88 Pro and A5X android tv boxes do not support remote programming. If you have one of these tv boxes, set up a time to come by.