Puffin Web Browser

Install Puffin Web Browser from the Google Play Store to stream content from websites on your tv box.

This part is important, when you sign into the Play Store or if you’re already signed into the Play Store, you must turn off auto-updates. Do this first. You must turn off auto-updates because Kodi 19 has been recently released the Play Store will update Kodi to version 19. The most popular Kodi add-ons in our programming were written for Kodi 18 and will not work with Kodi 19. 

Here’s how to turn auto-updates off, https://youtu.be/riC0Oz5IlEU

If in the future, there are other apps you want to update from the Play Store, it’s really simple.
Open the Play Store. Depending on which version of the Play Store your tv box has, either click the 3 lines in the top left corner, or click the circle in the top right corner. then click My Apps & Games. 
That will bring up a list of available updates.  
From there, you can update any apps you want with the exceptions of Kodi and TeamViewer QuickSupport, don’t update those. 

At this time there is no compelling reason to use Kodi 19. If that changes, we’ll post an announcement on our website, www.homearcadeinabox.com under Customer Info.