Reinstall the Wizard – TV Box

1. Go to Settings, then Apps and scroll to Chrome. On some tv boxes, Chrome may be under System Apps.
Click Chrome.
Scroll to Clear Data and click it. Click Clear All Data and Ok if prompted.

2. Exit back to the Apps list and click Kodi.
Scroll down and click Clear Data. Click OK if prompted.
Exit back to the main screen.

3. Open Chrome and type in
If Chrome isn’t on the main screen, it’s in Apps. Click here to see what unlabeled Apps icons look like.

4. Log in if you aren’t already. Refresh the page if you are already logged in.

6. Go to TV Box Downloads.

7. Scroll down to the Home Arcade Wizard Download and click it to download it.
Watch for a message that tells you it’s downloading and give it a minute to come in.

Now to set up the Kodi build.

1. Exit back to the main screen.

2. Click Kodi. Click Continue.
If asked, you can choose to Allow or Deny when “Allow Kodi to record audio?” comes up. I chose Deny. Click Allow for any other permissions. (On N5 Max X4 tv boxes, there is a switch to toggle on instead of clicking Allow.)
Kodi may close, click the Kodi icon to open it again.

If you get a message when you try to open Kodi 21 for the first time that says, Error, Permission denied!! Exiting…, do the following,

  • Click Exit.
  • Go to Settings (maybe be named Settings or may be a gear wheel icon). Click Settings to open it.
  • Go to Apps and click it.
  • If you have a list of apps appearing, scroll to Kodi. Otherwise click See All Apps then scroll through to Kodi.
  • Click Kodi.
  • Scroll to Permissions and click it.
  • Click Files and Media.
  • Click Allow all the time.
  • Click Allow if prompted.
  • Click back once.
  • Scroll to Remove permissions if app isn’t used and click to move the toggle to off.

*On Zoomtak tv boxes, Kodi often gets stuck on a black/grey screen. If this happens, do the following:

  • Exit back out to the main screen of your tv box.
  • Click Apps
  • Click Settings
  • Scroll to Apps and click it
  • Scroll to Kodi and click it
  • Scroll down to Permissions
  • Scroll to Storage. Toggle the switch next to it to on. If the switch is already toggled to on, toggle it off, then on again.
  • Exit back to the main screen and click on Kodi
  • Proceed to Step 6

3. Click the gear wheel found in the top left-hand corner.

4. Click System on the bottom right-hand side.

5. Scroll down to Add-ons. Arrow over to Show notifications. Click to turn the toggle to ON.

6. Arrow down to Unknown Sources. Click to turn the toggle to ON.

7. Click Yes from the pop-up window.

8. Arrow down to “-Update official add-ons from” and click it. Click “Any Repositories” from the pop-up.

9. Press Escape or back twice.

10. Scroll down to Add-ons. Click it.

11. Arrow up to the open box icon on the top left. Click it.

12. Scroll down to Install from zip file. Click it.

13. Scroll to External Storage. Click it.

14. Scroll down to Download. Click it.

15. Scroll down to Click it. 
Make sure you’re choosing, do not choose

16. “Home Arcade Wizard – Add-on installed” will briefly appear in the top right corner.

17. Click back or Escape once.

18. Scroll down to Program add-ons.

19. Home Arcade Wizard will appear. Click it.

20. Arrow to Builds and click it.

21. Arrow to Home Arcade Build Version and click it. The Home Arcade Kodi menu will start installing.

22. When the installation is done, click OK. You can then re-open Kodi and it’ll be good to go! It’s always a good idea to wait until the temperature appears beside the date in the bottom right corner before opening any programs in Kodi. Once the temperature has come in, you can start using any of the programs in Kodi.

If you have a Real Debrid subscription, you’ll need to link that with Kodi again. Use password tv2017 to open this page.

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