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What is Real Debrid and what will it do for you?

Real Debrid is a premium stream provider. Real Debrid has a collection of streams only available to subscribers. That means you get access to more links and get shows that start faster and rarely buffer.

On this app, Real Debrid links appear purple and regular links appear white.
For this show on this app, you can see there are 6 private Real Debrid links that only Real Debrid subscribers can access compared to 2 public links for everyone else.

For those concerned about privacy when streaming online, Real Debrid has the added bonus of acting as a VPN. When you connect to a Real Debrid link, it shows only that you are connected to Real Debrid, your internet service provider can not see what you are streaming.

Real Debrid links are either labeled with an RD, Real Debrid or shown in a different colour than regular links making it easy to see which link to choose.

A 6-month subscription to Real Debrid is 16 Euros or about $24, which breaks down to $4 a month for fast, easy streaming. If you want to start with an inexpensive trial, you can also buy a 15-day subscription for just 3 Euros.

Be advised that Real Debrid only allows one IP address to be used per account. You can use Real Debrid on as many devices as you want as long as they are using the same IP address. Real Debrid does not allow you to share your account with others outside of your household. If you do, Real Debrid may ban you from using their service.

This page tells you how to sign up for and set up Real Debrid.

Their website is

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