Real Debrid Troubleshooting

No or low volume or show playing too fast when you choose a Real Debrid link?

If your show has low or no sound or is playing too fast, exit out of that link and click Play With (External Video Player) instead of Play from the drop-down menu. Then choose Kodi. Video demo here.

No Real Debrid links or the links won’t play?

1. Has your subscription run out?
You can check by going to and logging in. There’s a box in the middle of the page near the top that will tell you when your subscription expires.

2. Real Debrid only works with recorded shows, not live content.
That means you will never see a Real Debrid link for live tv or sports.

3. Each tv box needs to be connected to Real Debrid.
You can connect as many tv boxes as you want as long as they are all in the same household using the same internet connection. Can’t remember how to connect your Real Debrid account to your tv box? These instructions tell you how.

4. Currently, there are 5 separate places to connect your Real Debrid account to. Bee TV, Cinema HD V2, Viva TV and two places in Kodi.
To get full use of your Real Debrid account, you need to connect your Real Debrid account to all 5.

5. You will need to re-connect your Real Debrid account anytime you update your Kodi build or update the android apps.
If you’ve done an update recently, you need to sync your subscription again as above.

6. You need to keep your programming up to date. Old programming has fewer links, including fewer or no Real Debrid links.
The developers of the various apps and add-ons we use in our programming release updates when they have something to change so there’s no timeline as to when to update. You can see if your tv box has the latest apps on it by going to Download Page B and comparing the apps and version numbers there to what’s on your tv box under Settings, Apps.
Instructions for updating can be found here.

7. Not all shows have Real Debrid links. Usually mainstream shows do but less popular shows may not.