Before Booking Remote Programming, Complete These Steps

First and foremost,

What android version is your tv box running? Don’t know? Click here to find out.

TV boxes with android 4.4 or 5.1 are too old to run the latest programming. TV boxes with 6.0 are usually programmable, tv boxes with 7.1 and higher are programmable.

Step 1: 

In order for us to connect remotely to your tv box, it must have both an internet upload speed of at least 4 Mbps and a download speed of at least 15 Mbps. Any less and the connection will fail. So the most important and first step is to test the upload and download speeds your tv box is getting.

This test must be done on your tv box as that is what we will be connecting to. 

To see what speeds your tv box is getting, open either Browser or Chrome on your tv box (may be found under Apps). 

Type in the address bar. A speed test will run, when it’s done, click Show More Info found under the displayed number.

Take a photo of your speed test results so we can confirm the speeds. Email the photo to or text it to 780-887-8978.
Continue on to Step 2.

If your speeds are less than the minimum of 4 Mbps for upload and 15 Mbps for download, we can not connect remotely. Contact us to set up a time to bring your tv box by.

Step 2: 

Install the QuickSupport remote access app and the QuickSupport Add-on.

Click here for instructions.

Step 3:

Contact us to set up a time to remotely program your tv box.
You will need to be present with your tv box to allow any permissions required.
The programming usually takes about 45 minutes to do.
While we are programming your tv box, please don’t touch it or your remote as that may disrupt our connection.

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