Remote Support Instructions for Previous Customers

Step 1: 

Are you a candidate for remote programming?

Find out by opening the Browser or Chrome on your tv box (may be found under Apps). 

Type in the address bar. A speed test will run, when it’s done, click Show More Info found under the displayed number.

You need 15 Mbps or more download speed and 4 Mbps or more upload speed to qualify, any less and the connection will fail. 

Please take a photo of your tv screen and text it to 780-887-8978 or email it to so we can verify your speeds. Note that the speed test needs to be done on your tv box as that’s what we’ll be connecting to. 

Step 2:

If you bought this tv box from us or have had this tv box programmed by us before, you can skip to Step 3. 

If you didn’t buy this tv box from us, the next step is to install QuickSupport and the QuickSupport Add-on. Make sure to download and install both! 

You can find the downloads and instructions to install on our website, under the tab labelled QS.

Step 3:

The cost for a remote update is $40. You can pay by:

sending a $40 etransfer to 

or use this link to pay through our website

Step 4:

Ensure your tv box is connected to the internet.

Go into Apps and then to Quick Support. Select Quick Support.

Do not exit out of Quick Support.

Step 5: 

Text the 9-10 digit number Quick Support provides to 780-887-8978.

Step 6: 

Stand by to allow access at your scheduled appointment time. If your speed is on the slower end, tell everyone in your household not to use the internet while we are remotely connected to your tv box as it can slow down the connection and create issues.

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