TV Box Locks Up

Does your tv box have up-to-date programming? If you haven’t updated within the last 6 months or so, you should. Old, out-of-date programs don’t run well. You can find instructions for updating by clicking Customer Info. If you have recently updated, read on,

First, tv boxes can be sensitive to heat. Overheating can cause the box to freeze so make sure it’s on a hard surface with free air movement. Don’t put the tv box directly on top of other electronics as they may give off their heat.

Second, a tv box is a mini-computer and acts as such. A little patience goes a long way with android tv boxes and streaming.

Like a computer, the tv box needs a bit of time to go through its processes. If you open an app and escape out before it’s done fully opening, it can get stuck. If you do that will several apps, the whole box may freeze up. 

When you first open Kodi, several things begin to happen.
The Home Arcade Wizard starts doing its maintenance, any add-ons whose developers have released updates will start installing their updates, splash screens are loading, etc.
Give the box some time to load. We recommend you don’t start moving through the menus until you see the temperature appear at the bottom right of the screen beside the date. That’s your cue to tell you the program has completed most of it’s background loading and is ready to go.
If you were to start clicking on add-ons or loading a show immediately, it can cause freezing as too many processes are trying to happen at once or a process may be conflicting with another process.

When you’re done with the tv box, always scroll to and click Exit to exit out of Kodi.
Wait for Kodi to perform it’s shutdown processes, depending on what’s going on in the background, it may exit very quickly or it may take up to 2 minutes to exit. That’s okay and normal.
Always exit Kodi properly to keep the program running well.
After Kodi has exited back to the main start screen of the tv box, you can power the tv box off.