When Do I Update?

Updates are a regular part of streaming free tv. Sources are constantly coming and going.

How often should you update?
As the saying goes, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
If your tv box’s streaming sources are working for you, no need to update.
If you’re finding it’s harder to get working links than it used to be, time for an update.

With our build, there are three types of updates.

The first type of update:

Clicking Update Kodi found along the menu bar in Kodi. 

This will clear out the Kodi build that is currently on your tv box and install the newest one we have. This update only affects Kodi Add-ons. It doesn’t have any effect on the Android Apps which at the time of writing are Bee TV, FilmPlus and Tea TV. These android apps are not Kodi add-ons but standalone apps. If there are any major changes to be made, we generally make them on a Saturday or Sunday, so clicking Update Kodi later in the week would be the best time to do that.

That said, there are usually only changes when needed and sometimes not immediately as he may not have time, may not know an add-on is down, may not have a replacement for an add-on that is down, etc. But don’t worry, that’s why there are so many apps and add-ons to choose from! If one is down, use another. There will always be other working add-ons and apps. If you ever find nothing is working, it’s because your tv box is not connected to the internet.

The second type of update: 

As stated above, android apps are different than Kodi add-ons and are not updated by clicking Update Kodi.

Android apps are updated in one of two ways. Occasionally the developer of a particular app will release an update with a pop-up message that will appear when you open the app. The pop-up will say there’s an update available, click to install it. Go ahead and do that anytime you see such a message.

More commonly, there won’t be a pop-up message. To see what the latest android apps are, including what version they’re at and when they last updated, see Download Page B. Everything is listed there. Typically, you’ll need to uninstall the old android apps and download and install the newest versions using the instructions on this website under Customer Info.

The third type of update:

Lastly, there is the Kodi app itself. On Feb 2, 2019, Kodi 18 was released. This new version of Kodi required uninstalling the old Kodi 17 and installing Kodi 18 and our new Kodi 18 build. At the time of writing, we’re at Kodi 18.9.