Check to see if your tv box is muted:

If you see a red X or a speaker with an X beside it at the top of your tv screen, you have muted the volume on your tv box. If you have a mini keyboard, press F8. This is a mute/unmute shortcut button.

Have a Zoomtak brand tv box? You may have a remote with a mislabelled Favorites button. It has a star on it and is supposed to be Favorites but is actually Mute. Press it and see if the X goes away.

What’s the volume level set at on your tv box?

Volume can be adjusted in one of two ways. They work independently of each other so if you’ve adjusted the volume with one, you must use the same one to adjust the volume again. 

To begin, start a show playing. Have a look at the remote that came with the tv box or mini keyboard. You’ll see the remote has Vol + and Vol- buttons. The mini keyboard has V+ and V- buttons in the top right corner. Using either the remote or mini keyboard, press and hold Volume Up. If you see a sound bar pop up at the top or side of the screen, you are using the correct volume adjustment. Turn up as needed.

Don’t see the pop-up? Continue reading. 

Again have a look at the remote that came with your tv box or mini keyboard. Note the directional wheel, this is the circle that has four arrows on it and a button that says OK in the center. It’s in the middle of the remote and on the top left of the mini keyboard. The second way to adjust the volume is by using the up and down arrows. Press and hold the up arrow. You should see a volume bar pop up in the middle of the screen. Adjust as needed. 

Try a different link

Exit out of the link you were using and choose a different one. Make sure you’re not choosing a link from the same source. The photo below shows how links from the same source may be repeated with different file sizes. If for example, HD – F5movies.co[VideoBin][893 MB] isn’t playing with good sound, don’t pick another link labeled F5movies.co[VideoBin].

If you’re using Kodi,

When you click the OK button on your remote or keyboard, a control bar will pop up near the bottom of the screen. If you click the volume control icon, you can mute/unmute. Below is the volume control circled in red,

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