When should I update?

If you ever want to know whether your tv box/Firestick is due for an update, log in on our website and have a look at Download Page B.

Download Page B lists all of the apps we’re currently along with their version numbers and the date they were last updated.

You can compare version numbers for the apps that are on your tv box to the ones listed on Download Page B, which will tell you if you have the latest versions of the apps. Having the latest apps is very important to getting good streams.

If there’s an app that’s on your tv box/Firestick that’s not on Download Page B, it means we removed that app because it wasn’t performing well anymore.

If you see an app on Download Page B that’s not on your tv box, it’s a new one we added.

You can get the latest apps and Kodi add-ons one of three ways,


Have us update your tv box – $10 per tv box that we’ve programmed before
Contact us to arrange a time to drop off your tv box. Updating usually takes 45 minutes to do.


You Update – No cost for any device previously programmed or purchased from Home Arcade In A Box
Use the step by step instructions here to update your tv box. Use these instructions if you have a Firestick previously programmed by Home Arcade In A Box.


Remote Access Update – $40
If you have a fast internet connection, we can remotely log in to your tv box to update.
Contact us to arrange a time and click here for instructions on how to get a remote update